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Perfect and Easy!!

This instant coffee is so easy to make and you can make it so many different ways! So delicious!


As a busy Mom of two littles all I want in life is some good coffee!!! I value my coffee! And I’m particular!!! This is AMAZING!! When I first saw the video of this I didn’t realize y’all were based out of Canada. I’m in Arkansas USA. I quickly got over the $11 dollars in shipping and closely watched for it to arrive. ITS WORTH THE WAIT!! This is absolute perfection!!! Smooth slightly sweet easy to add if you want hot or cold mmm thank you thank you thank you!!! You have a loyal customer I hope to see this coffee go international!! Well done Christy!!! I found you on instagram and knew right away I’d love this product!! Now for my second cup😋

Loving my LAM coffee!

As a family we spent a month in Vietnam 10 years ago and fell in love with the coffee. Every time I make myself a cup of your delicious coffee it takes me back to the wonderful memories we created together on that amazing trip.


A nice quick and easy treat! So delicious and small enough to bring anywhere!

Provides a quick, delicious shot of caffeine when I most need it, plus travel memories of Vietnam. Was desperately missing a refill when we ran out in the winter and Lam Beverages was unavailable. Thank goodness you're back!


I love the taste! It’s so good and easy to make.

So good!

The flavour is there! It’s so good and easy to make!!

So delicious

Flavour is absolutely delicious!

My new addiction!

So yummy!! A touch sweet so it will be a sweet treat for me! I wish it could be half the sweetness so that I can enjoy everyday... BUT still very very good!!


This was a touch to sweet BUT still very delicious!

Its alright

I order from alberta and I like how it came within 2 days but I think its very expensive. It's tease like watertly coffee and it's not even that strong..

Amazing! I've never found anything else like this...

I've always loved viet coffee but to make it at home always seemed messy and daunting. This was literally a magical find for my partner and I! He loves the traditional Viet instant mix while I love the extra coconut-y goodness of the premium mix. We've been buying them for all our family members and now they're all addicted as well!

Authentic taste at home

Easy to make Vietnamese coffee with an authentic taste that’s so easy you can enjoy it anywhere! Our favourite way is to add a bit of condensed milk and poured over ice - delish!

Smooth and tasty

I received my coffee Fri and immediately made a cup. The flavor is very smooth and creamy. In didn't have to add any sweetner or creamer to it. Will definitely purchase again!

So good

Loved how it tasted, definitely more of dessert type of coffee, can't wait to try out the traditional version as well!

Love it?

Amazing coffee!

Simply Special

As a Vietnamese man living in Upstate NY far away from anything remotely resembling Vietnam, this coffee is not only convenient and tasty, but it takes me home and makes me feel a sense of belonging in my own kitchen.

Thank you so much for this

Love it!

Tastes like instant Vietnamese coffees I've tried but what makes it different is it's creamier and has a nice aroma scent.


Although I prefer the original one (I like me coffee strong), this one is also a must buy! It’s definitely sweeter and creamier - so perfect for late afternoon coffee.

So good!

It was love at first sip! I’m obsessed with Vietnamese iced coffee and I’m so glad I don’t have to drive anymore just to grab it. So easy to make and so yummy.

So good

Amazing coffee!!! Crave it every morning

Absolutely Amazing

I wasn't quite sure what to expect, since I've always thought Viet coffee is only made right through a coffee dripper. Other instant Viet coffees have not tasted like a "Viet coffee" which is why I was so surprised how well Lam Bevy turned out. This coffee is amazing - both the traditional and premium! There is so much flavour in it and it is so quick and easy to make! I have also bought many extra to give to my friends and family to try since I was so amazed by it, and they are also hooked on it as well. Great job Lam Bevy!

My husband's only coffee !!!

My husband and I LOVE your coffee it is the only one he will drink now. It is impossible to tell that it is instant.

Never Misses!

Second time purchasing and it’s too good. This stuff never misses and I highly recommend to anyone looking to try Vietnamese coffee! Oh yeah the non-dairy creamer comes clutch too

Best Instant Coffee

LAM beverage is my go-to comfort coffee. I discovered them in December 2020 and bought them as gifts for all my coffee-loving friends (who are also now hooked) and I've made multiple orders for myself. The premium coffee is worth the extra few dollars. Such a quality product and I love supporting a great local company!