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Husband Approved

Been wanting to try this coffee for a while but was hesitant about the price of “trying” something new. I was not disappointed and to top it off my husband who isn’t a coffee drinker at all loved the ice coffee version. He asks for it as a treat all the time. Perfect balance of the coffee and coconut flavours.

Simply the best

Delicious taste and easy to make!

Simply the best

Delicious taste and easy to make!

Amazing and vegan too!

Really delicious and so happy that it’s vegan! I don’t generally write reviews but this is honestly so good and I’m planning on buying several for myself and others as gifts. I would absolutely recommend trying:)

Yummy yummy goodness

This shit yummy. I don’t even like coffee and I like this. I just smelled the coffee from my co worker I was walking by and he showed where he got his coffee. Yum yum in my tum. I think I prefer the traditional just because I don’t like coconut though.

God damn!

This shit yummy. I don’t even like coffee and I like this. I just smelled the coffee from my co worker I was walking by and he showed where he got his coffee. Yum yum in my tum

So delicious and satisfying!

I love how convenient and easy it is to make this Vietnamese coffee. The packing is also cute.

It tastes just like I ordered it from a Vietnamese restaurant!

I love love supporting locals and im very glad this coffee is amazing 👏

Great taste, on point - Love this!! ❤️

Very good quality instant Vietnamese coffee without all the messiness. Gives a good kick for the day!! Shared with family & friends. They all love it, especially those who have the same LAM family name!!


I received a bag in a gift subscription box & fell in love. My husband especially enjoys it. Just purchased 3 bags to get me through back to school. Tasty & it sort of feels like a treat as I usually only drink black coffee.

Perfect and Easy!!

This instant coffee is so easy to make and you can make it so many different ways! So delicious!


As a busy Mom of two littles all I want in life is some good coffee!!! I value my coffee! And I’m particular!!! This is AMAZING!! When I first saw the video of this I didn’t realize y’all were based out of Canada. I’m in Arkansas USA. I quickly got over the $11 dollars in shipping and closely watched for it to arrive. ITS WORTH THE WAIT!! This is absolute perfection!!! Smooth slightly sweet easy to add if you want hot or cold mmm thank you thank you thank you!!! You have a loyal customer I hope to see this coffee go international!! Well done Christy!!! I found you on instagram and knew right away I’d love this product!! Now for my second cup😋

Loving my LAM coffee!

As a family we spent a month in Vietnam 10 years ago and fell in love with the coffee. Every time I make myself a cup of your delicious coffee it takes me back to the wonderful memories we created together on that amazing trip.


A nice quick and easy treat! So delicious and small enough to bring anywhere!

Provides a quick, delicious shot of caffeine when I most need it, plus travel memories of Vietnam. Was desperately missing a refill when we ran out in the winter and Lam Beverages was unavailable. Thank goodness you're back!


I love the taste! It’s so good and easy to make.

So good!

The flavour is there! It’s so good and easy to make!!

So delicious

Flavour is absolutely delicious!

My new addiction!

So yummy!! A touch sweet so it will be a sweet treat for me! I wish it could be half the sweetness so that I can enjoy everyday... BUT still very very good!!


This was a touch to sweet BUT still very delicious!

Its alright

I order from alberta and I like how it came within 2 days but I think its very expensive. It's tease like watertly coffee and it's not even that strong..

Amazing! I've never found anything else like this...

I've always loved viet coffee but to make it at home always seemed messy and daunting. This was literally a magical find for my partner and I! He loves the traditional Viet instant mix while I love the extra coconut-y goodness of the premium mix. We've been buying them for all our family members and now they're all addicted as well!

Authentic taste at home

Easy to make Vietnamese coffee with an authentic taste that’s so easy you can enjoy it anywhere! Our favourite way is to add a bit of condensed milk and poured over ice - delish!

Smooth and tasty

I received my coffee Fri and immediately made a cup. The flavor is very smooth and creamy. In didn't have to add any sweetner or creamer to it. Will definitely purchase again!